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amy person

psychotherapist, L.P.C.

insight and vision in a complex world

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about therapy

Managing the human experience is full of joy as well as pain. The purpose of therapy is to master that experience. Anyone can benefit from therapy and everyone has patterns of relating and behaving that can get in the way of their own happiness. Therapy helps you become conscious of what those patterns are and how you can change them. You can learn new skills for managing your life in a balanced way.

It is important to realize that seeking help to deal with life is a healthy decision. It is a decision to improve the quality of one’s life.

About Therapy
about amy

My goal as a therapist is to support and direct you in your personal growth and healing. No one’s recovery progresses in the same manner. With this in mind, together, we create a dynamic system which is big and strong enough to hold the complete you! My wish is for my clients to become empowered and independent by seeing and developing their own core strengths.

–Amy Person

About Amy
appointments & fees

Payment is required in full at the time of service. Cash, checks,  credit cards, and healthcare spending account are accepted toward payment of services. Upon request, the necessary receipt will be provided to submit to your insurance company or health care spending account.

In assessing the costs of your therapy, be aware that in some cases the cost of my services can be subtracted from your pretax medical withholding account (Flexible Spending Account), thereby discounting your actual expenses. Also, most insurance plans allow clients to see “out of network” providers (those who are not a part of the preferred provider network) for somewhat higher co-payments and deductibles. It is important to fully assess your options before choosing your therapist.

I would be happy to take the time to assist you in finding other area providers who are likely to accept your health insurance payment. Please check your insurance plan to verify my participation in that plan.

Appointments & Fees

contact me

2499 South Capital of Tx Hwy
Ste A-204

Austin, TX 78746

Tel: 512-494-9977

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